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Sai Bakery

Sai Bakery is a Neighbourhood Initiative for disabledadults with developmental disabilities that come under neurological impairment (conditions such as cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, autism and multiple disabilities). The concept of “neighbourhood initiative’ is not entirely new, but yes with regard to adults with special needs, it is something that is taking shape now.

We have so many centres and special schools that cater to the needs of children with disabilities, however, what is also very important to remember that these children do grow and as they do, so do their parents. Now, the problem or the real challenge arises when there is no more school to go to and when the vocational training centres are all full and there is no breathing space for the youngsters. The parents are in a fix as to not knowing what to do with their young adults who are in their late 20s and 30s. That’s when we bring in an initiative that doesn’t look at a big investment or a large group or infrastructure.That which would be set up at different neighbourhood in within the living premises of a parent and thereby have an economic activity set up.

Sai Bakery, (also signifies - S.A.I – Society All Inclusive) is conceived and run by D.O.R.A.I FOUNDATION that stands for Development Opportunities Access Insight, an NGO registered with the Charity Commissioner’s Office under the Societies Registration Act 1860 & Bombay Public Trust Act 1970 – India (No.F27788_ Mumbai).So following our mission to sensitize and equip these individuals with an opportunity along with the resources, Sai Bakery looks to empower not just the adults but also the parents in an organic manner.

The main feature of this kind of an enterprise is that it’s primarily parent driven. It provides a holistic environment for the young adult to socialise with his group and have a sense of belonging which is needed so much in their adulthood.It also gives an opportunity for the parent to come out of their traditional living setting and be involved in some unique engaging activity, be it a post retired life or a house arrested domestic life.

Bakery, and much more….
Baking is just one of the areas that we involve the youngsters, the others being all religion prayers, yoga, exercises, newspaper reading, general knowledge sessions, outdoor games, outing. We also have our Terrace Gardening.

So let’s all just believe that they can, for they too need a chance to be heard and be involved. And, this can be done only when we all make an attempt to create such platforms for them.

This way we could all not just believe in an inclusive world but also be a part of that society where all of us can live as one.

So how did it all begin? Ms. Sumitra Prasad answers:

When did the organisation start, where it is located?
Sai (Society All Inclusive) Bakery was inaugurated by Ms. Poonam Natarajan, Chairperson 'The National Trust', on the 9th of September 2013. As of now, it’s a home based endeavour based out of Chennai. How many PWD are here, are they a mixed group or only persons with Autism are working? Sai Bakery is a Neighbourhood Initiative for a Mixed Group of Adults with developmental disabilities that come under neurological impairment (conditions such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism and multiple disabilities).

What all does SAI Bakery produces?
All egg less whole wheat and multigrain bakery products inclusive of 25 varieties of healthy cookies, brownies, muffins, cakes, Krackers brownies, pies and Tacos.

How do you distribute the products?
We have a media office where we sell our products. We work on orders too. Exhibitions and Melas are another area for sales.

What happens to the money earned, do the PWD involved with it get any payment?
There is a monthly salary of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred) that each one draws. We have recreational activities and outings.

What is your vision/ what measure are being taken towards that?
Our vision is to create more such initiatives across the country.

Sumitra Prasad
SAI Bakery
DORAI Foundation

  Autism Spectrum Disorders or ASD is commonly called Autism Neuro- typical: A term used for people who do not have Autism or ASD  
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