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To enable persons with Autism to live a fulfilling life, with dignity and the highest degree of independence possible.


  • Create awareness about differently abled individuals in order for them to be accepted by the society they are part of.
  • To provide families of people with Autism with a support system once their child has crossed school age.
  • To identify and support persons with autism who belong to the weaker economic section of society, and subsequently provide them with accommodation within the home.(We would like to take in two persons from this section for every three people with Autism who come from a stronger economic background).
  • To establish a program that provides vocational training for those who are able.
  • To establish a program that enables persons with Autism to communicate and interact in the most effective manner possible.
  • To provide opportunities for persons with Autism to develop any innate abilities they have.
  • To provide opportunities for people with Autism to interact with the rest of the community.
  • To advocate for job opportunities in the community for those adults with Autism who are able.
  • To create a forum for typical as well as differently abled individuals to interact regularly.

ARUNIMA’s Assisted Living Centers are ensconced in the foothills of the Himalayas. With a pilot center in Mussoorie and a second one in the Doon Valley, the most important factor we provide to our students is a natural and clean environment.


ARUNIMA follows individualized plans for the students at ARUNIMA but the "curriculum" is broadly divided into the following areas:

  • Self Help/ Activities of Daily Living
  • Communication
  • Functional Education
  • Social Skills Training
  • Vocational Training
  • Domestic Skills Training


Special Educators, Support Staff and Housekeepers make up the staff population at ARUNIMA. With a staff – student ratio of 1:2, our goal is to provide quality services and maximum attention, so as to ensure that the students are learning at every step of the way. Since our student population consists of both males and females, the same applies to staff so that each student’s key person is an individual of the same gender.


Please click on the link to see pictures of life at ARUNIMA


  Autism Spectrum Disorders or ASD is commonly called Autism Neuro- typical: A term used for people who do not have Autism or ASD  
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