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Message from a Parent

Dear Parents,

So you have got the news that your child has special needs and that he/she will require a life- long battery of specialists and therapies. You are about to embark on this special journey, your mind is full with trepidation and doubts as to what the life will now hold for you in the coming days. You wonder if you have it in you to carry on with such a huge responsibility, what with your job and other family members to look after as well. If you try to find all the answer at once it may overwhelm you and you might buckle in. But the key here is to take a deep breath and take one baby step at a time..

I am a mother of a 13 year old boy with Autism and at one point of time I was also standing where you find yourself today, full of doubts, but when I look back now, I see that I have covered a lot of ground and in the journey have had lots of revelations about myself, my capabilities, my strengths and above all the beautiful gift that I received in the form of my special need child.

As the time will pass, your sense of being cheated and despair will be replaced by drive which every person is granted the minute he/she person becomes a parent. And being a parent of a special need child is no easy task, no Sir, it surly is not!! So which means that you have been granted that extra dose of strength and drive and you will discover it along the way. The minute you will come out of the "why me" mode to "ok what can I do now" mode things will start unfolding slowly and steadily and you will find that you are not all alone out there and that there are many such parents going through the same journey. On your way, you will meet them, who knows? some of them may become your family and best friends and support system! And one day you will realise that by taking those baby steps one at a time, you have covered many miles. So come along..take that first step.. its all right..you can do it........

The purpose of National Trust is to provide that support system to you, where you can find all the information about what Autism is, who the experts are, what kind of interventions are available, nationally as well internationally, it introduce you to various forums where you will be able to raise queries and get satisfactory answers as well. On its panel are qualified therapists, doctors and experts (some of them, parents of children with Autism themselves) working in this field from the past fifteen years or so, who will be able to provide you with information on various schemes, medical/social help and advice. So please make full use of our website and feel free to ask as many questions and consider National Trust as your extended family.

Wishing you and your family all the best,

Neena Wagh
Communication Expert-National Trust"


  Autism Spectrum Disorders or ASD is commonly called Autism Neuro- typical: A term used for people who do not have Autism or ASD  
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